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Forbidden City

What’s a visit to Beijing without seeing the glorious Forbidden City. It is probably on every tourist’s itinerary of must see. Even if it’s stepping on the grounds for half an hour roving the outer corridors of the many Halls. My photos don’t do any justice at the scale and history of what was probably once the greatest centre of power in China.





Summer Palace, Beijing

I actually enjoyed the Summer Palace more than the Forbidden City. Maybe it’s the serenity that came with the vastness of the landscape comprising the huge Kunming lake, the long stretches of beautifully decorated classic architecture, the 60m high Longevity Hill and it’s many pavilions. When at the top of Longevity Hill, one is rewarded with a bird’s eye view of the Palace grounds. Emperor Qianlong of the Qing dynasty commissioned the building of the Palace specially for his mother’s 60th birthday. I’d say it’s a gift like no other! Possibly sparing no expense and labour, all I can say, he must have loved his mother very much!



At the top of the hill, a super view of the vastness of the Palace grounds


More of the Great Wall, Beijing

Too many photos captured. Decided to do a small collage. Not quite representative of the majesty of this man-made wall that can even be seen from space. This section of the wall about an hour and a half outside Beijing city centre, it’s not as commercialized as Badaling, it’s apparently older and was first built in the 6th century. This section of the wall is considered well restored and has 22 watch towers along its 2250m length. We covered probably only about 10 towers in the 3.5 hours of walking along the sometimes steep stretches.


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