My Photo Adventure


Beijing – the great wall

For a long while now, I had been dreaming of visiting the Beijing. Mainly to see the Great Wall of China. Managed to fulfill this the past week, smog or winter chill wasn’t enough to stop me from stepping on the wall and taking steps on what is thousands of years’ worth of history. I was totally in awe to say the least. I covered as much as I could. Although this part of the wall in Mutianyu is a re-constructed / repaired section, just being there in the presence of nature gave me a real high. I thank God for this opportunity.




New Park

Each weekend, I try to search out new or “re-visit” places to capture. Was so pleased that the weekend saw a new park. The environment was quiet calm and soothing.  I was greeted with a mass of beautifully formed clouds against blue sky. Not very frequently seen. Must be God’s gift to me on my birthday 🙂




A visit to the Gardens by the Bay never fails to lift my spirit. Even when I feel the most down. Being one with this natural landscaped beauty brings such joyous relief to the weary soul.