My Photo Adventure


Men At Sea, Esbjerg

We took a long drive to the town of Esbjerg, next to Saedding Beach. This 9m tall chaps was designed by Svend Wiig HansenĀ and installed on 28th October 1995. It was about 9.30pm when we visited the site….the sun was still shining warmly on the blistering cold summer’s day (or night!)






The Meadow

One of my favourite outdoor gardens is the awesome Gardens by the Bay. This part called “the meadow” I don’t come very often. It’s usually where performances are held….in a hidden corner of the open area, I found this view allowing me to capture the icons of the Marina Bay area from a different perspective.

The metal structures are ‘dragonflies’ – there were a few flying around.



In this part of the gardens, there’s a permanent art installation, called “Planet” by renowned sculpture Marc Quinn. It’s inspiration comes from the artist’s baby son. Amazing scale !