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Beautiful Rice Terraces of Yuan Yang, South Yunnan

I made this trip to Kunming, actually south Kunming in a short 5 days. Most hours were spent on the road. The purpose really was to capture the beautiful rice terraces in Yuan Yang at sunset and sunrise. The trip going there had a break with an overnight stay in the ancient town of Jian Shui. I read that it is about 1200 years old!!! Quite incredible. However, the car ride back to Kunming took about 8 hours with a break for lunch. In fact, we were about 2 hours from north Vietnam.

But it was well worth it. It’s my first attempt at a serious landscape sunset and sunrise and in such an awesomely beautiful place.

It was generally foggy. The region is about 1800m above sea level. We had nice sunny warm weather for most part of the day. Only early morning the chills were felt.

Laohuzhui (tiger's mouth) at sunset

Laohuzhui (tiger’s mouth) at sunset

Duoyishu area at sunrise.

Duoyishu area at sunrise.

In the day time, the area is very pretty too!

A villager and couple of kids checking on the rice fields

A villager and couple of kids checking on the rice fields



2 responses

  1. That’s really beautiful. I love the shot.

    April 7, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    • Thanks Ana for your kind words

      April 8, 2014 at 6:25 am

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