My Photo Adventure

Glenelg – the start to a glorious vacation !

It’s truly wonderful to be able to go for short brea ks and travel to another city or country. Being able to experience life outside one’s place of residence is indeed a privilege. While the holiday comes to an end at some point, the photos snapped brings to life and eternalize these memorable and vivid encounters. I had some raised eyebrows as to why visit Adelaide for our annual end of year family vacation (vs the larger and more prominent cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane which co-incidentally I’ve visited in the past).

Anyhow, affordable airfares aside, it was a chance to see Australia’s 5th largest city and one that apparently does not have the responsibility of housing convicts that were part of the colony exported by Britain in the 18th and 19th Centuries. It was our lucky day as the warm summer sunshine that automatically offers sunsets at 8.30pm was what greeted us on the very first day.

Added to the fact that we stayed at the very happening historic Glenelg, it was a great start to the holidays!


A stranger who was happily feeding the numerous sea gulls that were flocking beachside



Fading light in the summer sky….a wonderful hue of orange, pink and blue


As the sun dropped further down the far horizon, it’s rich warm colours just flooded the entire jetty area. Was just breathtaking.


Even though it was summer, the cool evening breeze brought the temperatures down to about 18 degrees.


Cannot go hungry or thirsty while at Glenelg / Jetty Road area.

DSC_0730 DSC_0726

 Was lucky to have a couple of guys experimenting with fire in the area… I managed to get a special version of ‘light-painting’.


Many more shots to upload and share. Glenelg was truly enjoyable!


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