My Photo Adventure


Underwater Marvels

If not for the marvel of a place like the SEA Acquarium found in Resorts World Sentosa, I would never have been able to admire and be in awe of God’s amazing undersea creations. I’m a coward when it comes to the sea, so snorkeling, scuba diving and all related activities are outside my radar.

My first visit to this mega fish tank also co-incided with my new kit….the Nikon Travel 28-300 nifty travel lens mounted on the D610. Yes. My first ever Full Frame Camera. Was deciding between the D800 and this model but eventually I decided on the latter for practical and cost reasons. I am quite impressed with its high ISO abilities as the exhibits within the acquarium were usually dimly lit to highlight the beauty of the “swimming stars”.

When I walked through the tunnels alongside the throngs of families, happy kids, tourists and locals alike, I couldn’t help but thank God for the visual feast before me. I was like a kid in a candy store. If only my tripod could be with me….as capturing the fish and other species were challenging in low light in spite of the higher ISO and the superiority of the full frame camera.  My next couple of posts will show some of the pretty finds I could manage without the photos being subject to too much camera shake.



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