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Kyoto Shrine & Temple Continued

Tenryu-ji Temple is a stone’s throw away from the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. Built in 1339, its Zen garden also dates back to the same period. The name “Tenryu-ji” means Heavenly Dragon Temple and it was built after a shogun had a dream about a dragon rising from a nearby river.






Next stop was the Daikaku-ji Temple (formerly known as Sagagosho). I read that it used to be an imperial villa (a retirement palace of sorts) for Emperor Saga. It was given the name Daikaku-ji in 876 after the Emperor’s passing and converted to a Temple . In its heydays, it acted as the centre of cultural, political and religious developments in the Heian period. Beside the complex is a huge lake, known as Osawa Pond. A favourite hang out by the nobility in their wooden boats.


SHO_8400 SHO_8418 SHO_8429-2 SHO_8431

View across Osawa pond

View across Osawa pond

This was the only complex where I actually spotted praying monks.


And the final stop was the easily recognizable landmark, Fushimi Inari. Dedicated to the god of rice and sake, the walk through the magical journey of never-ending Torii gates is a ritual that I’m sure, is enjoyed both by locals and tourists. A few more shots to complete the post.







SHO_8577 SHO_8580 SHO_8583


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